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by Benjamin Shaw

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Kicker of Elves
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Kicker of Elves The sound of a man picking seeds from his skull. A heartbreaking glorious work of art. Favorite track: A Brand New Day.
Gavin Hellyer
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Gavin Hellyer Melodies, vocals, experiments, atmospheric darkness counteracted, lifted and controlled by the sheer beauty of the tunes. The industrial background sounds that pervade much of Ben's work abound like a David Lynch fantasia fest juxtaposed with judicious and clever use of occasionally distant spoken word sampling. This is the real deal. His best album by a mile, way good, and I suspect Ben still has no idea just how great he actually is. My favourite track will probably change daily. Favorite track: PUSH IT DOWN.
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“It’s ok to go home”
Melanomates 05:50
Got a head full of hobos A skinfull of blind An eyefull of broken And you on my mind Got a head full of tuna A bed full of brine Fold away feelings and you on my mind Ain't no briefcase I be holding It be pretty long Ain't no sad face I be showing It's a just gone wrong I gotta headbutt Gotta golf club Gonna, gonna smash this whole place up Got a mouth full of thunder A head full of rain A desk by the fire escape And you on my brain Ain't no shoulder I be breaking It be only spine Ain't a doughy mid-section It be pretty fine
I got things to talk about I got hell to pay Stupid boring piece of shit Won’t just go away So push it down Turn up that frown upside-down I got bones to pick with you Nothing feels ok Stupid boring, shut your mouth Won’t just go away Just push it down, push it down Turn that frown upside-down I got smarts better than this And we similar goals Let’s shoot our dads into the sun And pray it fills a hole Just push it, push it down Turn that frown upside-down Just push it down, push it down Nothing to worry about
Hey apocalypse, it's nice to know you still be trying To lift me by the hips And make believe like I be flying away, you're all terrible people, with terrible clothes, go away but I don't care, I got no dog in the race So do me a solid, do me again and again terrible feelings but I got nothing to say Aw hey its you, I don't forget a face Naw I'll do it, it's a piece of cake ah've nothing to hide, I just wanna go home today oh it'll blow over, everyone makes mistakes
This is stupid.
I bring nothing to the table It's nothing to worry about yeah I got friends mind your own business I'm laughing all of the time You remind me of my father But I wish that you were my dad You'd take me fishing, up on the river And run at the first sign of sadness So crawl out the window and down to the street And swear you weren't going to leave A pull on your hair and up to your feet And push through your chest with a bread knife all this blue on my teeth cos i never get to see you All of these telescopes focused on land And I be just focused on me And all of your friends and family hope you're keeping ok But I don't care, Jamie
Ain't a thing can touch me today ain't a plan that I cannot break got a heavy head of hollow A belly full of grey A big bowl of sadness It's a brand new day Ain't no bad will happen today Ain't no feeling I cannot shake Just forget it, doesn't matter You missed it anyway Low level waster It’s a brand new day Ain't nothing that I cannot do Ain't no hole that I cannot grave No good, could be better I thought you'd gone away Goodbye forever It's a brand new day
hole 05:12
So i dig me a hole And i fill it with thinking Just give me something to hold Or something worth drinking While I lay down inside And drive a car through my kidneys Cos there’s nothing to do So fuck it all, who’s with me There’s a hole in my head with a hole lot of faeces And I pray you blow up and spray the whole world with TVs For I done you no good And you not much better I got half a mind To sleep forever So I dig me a hole And I fill it with thinking But the wind takes my hat And I blame it on people


Audio antihero からカセットも出ます
↑ Also available on cassette from Audio Antihero from here ↑:

Benjamin Shawは、カナダ生まれ、ブラックプール育ち、ロンドンで活動するアーティスト。MEGADEADは彼の7作目のアルバムです。


音楽的には、たくさんのアイデアがレイヤーとなった、とても美しい作品です。”A Brand New Day”では、Neil Debnam (Broken Shoulder/Fighting Kites)のギターループが背景に流れ、”PUSH IT DOWN”では、エレクトリック メロディがキラキラ輝き、 ”Blue Teeth Thursdays” では悲壮感に突き落とされたかと思えば、”Terrible Feelings!” では、ドラムマシーンのビートにShawのハーモニーが掛け合わされ、聴く人を魅了する音とスタイルの融合になっています。

MEGADEAD is the seventh album by Canadian born, Blackpool raised and London beaten Benjamin Shaw.

MEGADEAD was written and recorded in his new home of Melbourne, Australia. It sounds alive and is carried by a new energy. The songs are still morose and fuzzy and filled with out-of-place sounds, but he appears motivated and invigorated to keep up the fight against himself and others, continuing to write songs about low self-worth, social retreat, a better world, crowded days, lonely nights and pain for his enemies.

Sonically, the album is gorgeous. Full of layers and innovations, “A Brand New Day” permeates the fog of desolation with glimmering guitar loops from Neil Debnam (Broken Shoulder/Fighting Kites), “PUSH IT DOWN” glistens with electronic melodies, “Blue Teeth Thursdays” aches with a palpable and relatable sadness, while “Terrible Feelings!” sees Shaw’s harmonies shine over a crushing drum machine beat, offering an admirable juxtaposition of sound and style.

Benjamin Shaw has never made an easy album, but Megadead is certainly a special one. Filled with second guesses and forgotten dreams of better things, he continues to write and produce songs like few others. The evolution from lo-fi releases like I Got the Pox, the Pox is what I Got and experimental efforts like Rumfucker is something to behold. But so too is his consistency and ardent commitment to the strange, the uncompromising, the dark, the ugly and the beautiful.


released August 31, 2018

Co-Released with Audio Antihero (US/UK) -

Guitar on tracks 1, 4 and 8 by Neil Debnam (Fighting Kites / Broken Shoulder)

The "Megadead" album was premiered on The Alternative - www.getalternative.com/album-premiere-benjamin-shaw-megadead

"Terrible Feelings!" was premiered on Atwood Magazine - atwoodmagazine.com/bstf-benjamin-shaw-terrible-feelings

"A Brand New Day" was premiered on Dimestore Saints - dimestoresaints.blog/2018/08/23/premiere-benjamin-shaw/


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